Jim Shannon spakes til tha nation

Professor Billy his bate me til it, but niver mine. Yis can see here Jim Shannon frae th’yon Dupes spakein’ fur tha yinst time til tha Hoose o’ Communs. An’ big Jim his put in a few wee wurds o’ Ulster Scotch forbye, fur til lat tha fowks o’er thonder knaw all aboot tha cultural life o’ Strangfurd. It cud be th’yon Pairlamint heid-yins cudnae tell tha difference frae quhaniver Jim spakes in Inglis.

Sae here is Jim’s histaric wurds:

Thaur is monies a guid thang at A cud sae aboot tha fowk o mi Baille-Wick bot yince an firmaist A coont it a muckle oaner tae spake oot oan thair ahauf in tha Hoose O Commons. Tha Strengfird fowk ir tha satt o tha grun, an in thenkin thaim fer thair support A wud promis thaim at A’ll wrocht an dae fer thaim aa at A caun.

Wait til Ah tell yis, thon wis pure brock, but at laist he tries. Oney twa santences but! See up in Stormount, yer maun cud gulder awa’ aboot spuds an’ tha price o’ pigs in tha hamely tung tha hale day lang. Tha Guid Friday Agreement says he his every richt til dae it if he wants til. Parity o’ arseteem, they call it.

An’ mair wittins frae Liam.


  1. Phil said,

    June 11, 2010 at 8:45 am

    I confess, I was having trouble following every word Jim said before he switched to Ulster Scots. At that point, the effort of reading out a phonetic version of the kind of thing he’d say anyway, only with a couple of extra regional word-choices thrown in, slowed him down to the point where I could follow him quite easily (although “the sat of the groon” threw me for a moment).

    “tae spake oot oan thair ahauf”, indeed. What’s Ulster-Scots for “grow up, man”?

  2. Ramzi Nohra said,

    June 11, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    yeah i try to take Ulster-Scots seriously, but then I realise… its just a freaken dialect man! No different to speaking to someone with at thick Scottish accent (actually it reminded me of some Geordies I know as well, because of shared roots etc)

  3. THATS NOT MY NAMA! said,

    June 11, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Sure in South Down they spake lak thone:

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