Theme tune meme

All right, time for a weekend music meme. I’ve been tagged over at AVPS in connection with this meme that’s been going around where you select a blog theme tune – something that you feel encapsulates the feel of what you’re trying to do on your blog. This is trickier than it sounds, and Dr Phil has cheated a little by picking two theme tunes. That isn’t a bad idea, all round. You see, we often think of a theme tune as being something big and bombastic, like this:

If you’re looking for anthemic, you could do a lot worse, and hey, who doesn’t like a bit of Iron Maiden now and again? But it can be a bit much, and as you know, we like to do whimsical here quite a lot. So, in the spirit of whimsy, we need an alternate late-nite theme tune, something to put a smile on your face. Thus now:

And I think that will do quite nicely. If anyone else fancies picking up the meme, do feel free.

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