Search of the week

And so it’s a welcome return for our popular occasional feature, as a brief perusal of the site stats shows up some interesting searches. For example, there have been several today for sarah carey nude, presumably from horny teenage Blueshirts who really shouldn’t be allowed internet access.

While we’re on the salacious, someone is looking for debee ashby basque – if that’s Dave Osler, be careful about goading me or you might get an actual post on Debs’ contours – and someone else is looking for lisburn sluts. Meanwhile, a googler asks the question what country’s women has the nicest tits? I would say that was very much a matter of individual taste.

On more political themes, someone is interested in george galloway kylie arse, and a student of left sectariana wants to know about david hugh vipond (cpi-ml). Someone is looking for history of greeks non payment of taxes – that might be an extensive history – and someone else for inuits fought in world war – I’m sure some did, probably in the Canadian army.

I was also quite taken on getting a search for the great cornholio, but there can be only one winner, and that is the googler who came here looking for john rees men at work. I had no idea the renowned Leninist guru was an aficionado of 1980s Australian pop music, but why not? Imagine my disappointment, then, on learning that this refers to an entirely different John Rees who used to play bass in Men At Work. Still, any excuse:

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  1. April 10, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    […] of the week Inspired by Splinty I thought I would peruse the amusing things that bring people to my […]

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