The Daily Mail goes and supports a feminist cause… well, sort of..


It really is amazing what you read in the Daily Mail. Interesting, too, in that the paper is both a bastion of moral conservatism and has an enormous female readership. This often leads to a very peculiar take on gender politics.

Yesterday, for instance, saw this big splash:

You could call it a full frontal assault. A group of women are threatening to storm the annual meeting of Marks & Spencer to protest about the store’s policy of charging more for bigger bras.

Underwear in hand, their intention is to confront boss Sir Stuart Rose over what they see as unfair discrimination against larger-than-average ladies.

The row began after M&S started charging an extra £2 for bigger bras on the basis that they require more engineering and materials.

Well, that’s a strong argument in capitalist terms. It doesn’t satisfy the women concerned, though:

A ‘Busts 4 Justice’ campaign was set up on Facebook and quickly garnered support from thousands of bigger-breasted women. Now they have bought shares in M&S to allow them access to the AGM.

The anger of the group has been fired by the leak of an internal email making clear the chain will not bow to pressure to end the ‘big boob surcharge’. It seems the company takes the view that it cannot afford to make the price cut.

And so we see our conservative paper becoming positively militant on the matter of redistribution of underwire. They’re at it again today, with TV’s Ulrika Jonsson weighing in on the subject. Actually, this is perfect for the Mail. They love their campaigns. This is an issue with an immediate appeal to their core readership of middle-class women. And, while one might suggest that for an attractive and supportive undergarment you might be better off heading for the Bravissimo catalogue, M&S looms large in Daily Mail country.

And, what’s more, the arbiter of moral decency is required to illustrate this important story with a double-page spread of buxom young women in their skivvies. Not only that, but they stick this in the middle of the women’s interest section in a way that even the Sun might baulk at.

Yes, a high moral tone, once established, can let you off the hook for all sorts of racy material. Suits you, madam!

Update 8.5.09: I see from today’s paper that M&S have admitted defeat. You cross Daily Mail Woman at your peril.


  1. Fellow Traveller said,

    May 7, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    The common factor comes in the form of resentiment. The Mail appeals to aggrieved, indignant, self-righteously wounded persons of either sex, persons who feel ill-treated by the world, and who desire vengeance, compensation, or retribution.

  2. daniel said,

    June 4, 2009 at 10:44 am

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