Shooting the messenger

From the Beeb:

The first and deputy first ministers have met the Belfast Telegraph‘s editor to express concerns about its reporting of the executive’s economic policy.

Last month’s meeting followed a letter from Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness to the newspaper’s proprietor, Sir Anthony O’Reilly.
The letter, sent on 2 March, accused the Telegraph of “demonstrating relentless negativity”…

However, Mr Robinson and Mr McGuinness said the paper was “putting a negative twist on the executive’s handling of the economy”.

“It does seem to us that the Telegraph has been going out of its way not just to highlight negative stories, but to create them and give a negative twist to issues and give them a significantly greater prominence than any of its competitors,” the letter said.

Listing a series of complaints, the letter expressly complained about the newspaper’s coverage of job losses.

And here’s me thought the Tele was doing its bit by predicting every month that house prices were going to start rising again. As an estate agent by profession, surely Robbo could appreciate that.

They added: “We do not seek to fetter in any way the freedom of the press, but by the same token we do not expect to see a campaign ostensibly about creating jobs being used to denigrate and undermine the executive and the assembly.”

A spokesman for Sir Anthony said the letter had been “sent to a non-existent” address and was not received by him “for some weeks”.

Still, it’s nice to see our leaders have their priorities right.


  1. April 17, 2009 at 11:18 am

    there is (was?) a news agency founded somewhere around 1990 in Spain with the purpose to bring only “good news” … probably MCRobinson & Co. should hire these guys?

  2. vengeanceandfashion said,

    April 17, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    Rather touchy aren’t they? God forbid the Executive and Assembly be undermined! Though it does a pretty good job of that itself.

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