Ikea comes to Gotham City

And so it same to pass this Thursday that the Swedish furniture superstore opened up its new premises out by Knocknagoney. I don’t really see it myself, but lots of people seem to go buck mad for Ikea. You’ll recall that when they opened a store in England a while back, there was a mini-riot and some poor soul was trampled to death.

So on Thursday morning the cops were predicting gridlock out in East Belfast, as the broad masses swarmed to Ikea. In the end though, there was no gridlock and the place was only half-full. Presumably the punters wanted to avoid the anticipated crush. Sensible, but it felt like a bit of a damp squib after all the hype.

Thankfully though, there are people not far from here who will go to the opening of an envelope:


Meanwhile, another retail-related story in the news caught my eye, as an outlet in Connswater Shopping Centre agreed to stop selling golliwogs after receiving a complaint. The noteworthy points were that apparently the golliwogs had been selling hand over fist, and that if Newsline was anything to go by, the one (1) customer who made a complaint had a strong English accent.

Now, we’re supposed to be part of the multicultural ‘UK’, but can you imagine this sort of thing in any urban area in England? Even in Wolverhampton, which I believe still has a statue of Mr Enoch Powell, numbers of people would look askance. It just goes to show how out of synch we are.

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  1. NewtonEmerson said,

    December 15, 2007 at 5:33 pm

    Because of toy rationing after the war, my grandad had to get the boat over to Omeath and smuggle my mum’s golliwog in under his coat.
    So it wasn’t just black – it was an illegal immigrant.

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