Search of the week


Time again to see what weird and wonderful searches are bringing Googlers here. I am immediately struck by someone typing feck off, and someone else looking for Methody skirt blog – well, we try our best. Could this be the same punter who typed Methody girls Belfast stockings?

There is a search for Mary Lou McDonald that catches my eye, but it’s probably libellous so I won’t reproduce it. I like class versus crass feminism, also do football casuals still wear Prada – did they ever? – and case studies Waterford Glass. We have one for IRSP Burma, and another for anthropology female gossip. And I’m puzzled by Tony Gregory of Ernest Bevin school – is this the same TG we all know and love? And an honourable mention goes to old time cars Switzerland, and also do people wear leather coats in Ireland?

In third place this week is Swiss Toni reading map. Which of course would have led to a discussion of Kieran Allen, possibly not what our punter expected. Although it would be nice if it was.

In second is vintage gay paperboy porn – I get this one on a semi-regular basis, and I’m not sure I want to know more.

Our winner is the Googler who is looking for Torments of the Tomb in Islam. Sounds like fun…

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