Search of the week


What is this, the Sunday World? Even when you try to keep things clean, you just can’t escape the salacious searches, which I suppose demonstrates what people go on the net for. Seriously, you try to liven up a political post with a few pop culture references, and months later you’re still getting searches for Amanda Brunker huge boobs. At this rate, I may as well make Amanda this blog’s official mascot, if Blogorrah hasn’t beaten me to it.

Plenty of traffic generated by Gail Walker versus the Methody girls. And I notice Victoria Coren is back playing poker on the telly, which would explain all the searches for her. The hardy perennials are there, of course, with searches for a soap actress, a game show host, a news anchor and a mischievous animated penguin, all of whom shall remain anonymous because they’re already turning up quite often enough.

Some browser turns up looking for George Formby. I think that leads to a post on Clann na Poblachta. And I wonder at the reaction of people who come here looking for tracksuit fetish, celebrity cunts or Catholic schoolgirls rolled up their skirts. There is also one for Robin Askwith photos, which is odd since I don’t think we’ve ever run one. Yet.

I am pleased to get a search for Japanese drag racers Better Off Dead. That actually leads to a review of that film.

There are actually some political searches in here. We find Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson, Kevin Wingfield, Jacques Attali 2007, Paddy Pantsdown, Eoghan Harris Stickies and the rather puzzling Blaney and Nazis. Is the last connected to Irish republicanism third position? Also one for Cedar Lounge Revolution Jack Lane. And an honourable mention to socialism in public schools dress codes.

In third place is how to gas meters fiddles. There are several others related to Phoenix Gas and the outbreak of meter doctoring by loyalist skobies in East Belfast.

Our runner up is funny criticisms of scholasticism. If you read Machiavelli, he can be pretty amusing at times, but Hobbes isn’t a barrel of laughs. I should also mention a search for philosophy analytical funny.

For our winner, I refer back to a bemusing search the other week for Twinbrook porn. This week we move south, with a search for Ballymun porn. Does Wingfield know?

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