Search of the week


This has been rather a good week for searches. Not surprisingly, Gail Walker’s victory over the saucy schoolgirls is generating traffic – hey, if those reprobates at Slugger don’t think it’s significant, somebody has to step into the breach.

We have a search for movie with gay paperboy – no, I don’t know that one. Another for Police Academy shirts, which I’m sure you can get somewhere, and Ulster comedy bastard catches the eye. So too does organ part of 96 Tears, and I Love The Night Life Love At First Bite. I’m also pleased to see Jackie Gleason Smokey and the Bandit, from a Googler who appreciates classic cinema.

We are still getting baffling combinations – can anybody explain Suranne Jones devolution? Someone writes Brendan Clifford dead – I certainly hope not, he’s too entertaining. Irish slappers and Fianna Fáil personal injury – which might be related to dodgy personal injury claims Liverpool – also rate mentions. A near contender for our podium would be Irish SWP Trots with the trots. And I’m rather taken with cosmetic dentistry Buncrana.

Third place goes to flat caps + pensioners. There was a time lots more of us used to wear flat caps…

In second, a reader asks for font used on Bathory Blood Fire Death. I’m not sure, but it was a rather striking cover. Mind you, I preferred Hammerheart myself.

Our winner is Drumcree church streaker. I must have missed that one, but it sounds intriguing. Please tell me Sammy Wilson wasn’t involved.

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