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Once again, we’re having a good week for searches. Having briefly commented on the Beeb’s India-Pakistan season is bringing searches for the travelogues fronted by Sanjeev Bhaskar and Saira Khan – I didn’t write about the latter, but I did enjoy it a good deal. Much as I like Peshawar, it was good to see a programme on Pakistan that went a bit broader than bearded Pashtun tribesmen. Also several searches for voice of Subhas Chandra Bose, which leads me to think I might do Netaji again in the not too distant future.

A couple of this week’s searches are frankly baffling, as in funny Nietzsche and Harry Potter Trotskyist. There are also a good whack of showbiz searches – housewives’ favourite Dale Winton is there, as is lads’ favourite Lucy Pinder, and the slightly bemusing Liam Neeson corduroy suit. And it’s nice to have Better Off Dead Japanese brothers video. And, strangely, David Dunseith skirts – I hope that’s in connection to the Gail Walker and Methody saucy schoolgirls controversy, because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

In the political sphere I notice searches for Jack Barnes, Brendan Clifford, Gerry Healy and Lord Bew, and I’m immensely cheered to see someone looking for my old comrade Richard Behal. There is also one for Sinéad Cusack and Richard Boyd Barrett, and one intrepid Googler has typed I hate SWP. Perhaps my new friend Brian Kelly could instantly diagnose a psychiatric disorder. I am fascinated to see Tom Hartley CPI, as I wasn’t aware they had an intimate connection. And several readers are interested in Dave North aka David W Green, our favourite Trotskyist millionaire CEO.

In third place, a reader asks Is Alex Higgins still alive? Well, I saw him in the pub a few weeks ago, and while he wasn’t looking too hot, he was definitely alive. Unless he was being propped up, Weekend at Bernie’s style.

Our runner up is neo-con brown noser Eoghan Harris. Now, I think that’s a little out of order for our newly appointed senator. Show some respect, please.

And this week’s winner is Amanda Brunker mobile number. No, you cheeky bugger, you can’t have it.

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  1. Wednesday said,

    August 20, 2007 at 5:17 pm

    I got one this week for “Garda Síochána Cold Case Unit”. Boy, did they land on the wrong page!

    More interesting sometimes is where they’re coming from. This week, I was pleased to see the Taoiseach’s Office taking interest in my affordable housing rant.

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