Search of the week


A good week for search terms. I notice ridiculously expensive properties is there, which pleases me no end and might puzzle my new friend Gerry, who seems to think I’m an apologist for property developers. We also have searches for Alex Higgins teeth, Mick O’Riordan + CPI – and Manus O’Riordan BICO! – Atomic Rooster, fake Motorhead shirts and snorkel parka fetish. The pervs are also represented with Suranne Jones arse out.

I’m intrigued by gay song from Police Academy. I don’t know that one. Also, Carole Big Brother Lenin’s Tomb, MI5 Socialist Worker, Carrick UVF boys and Maria Duce are worth honourable mentions. Big shouts out as well to Senator Eoghan Harris, Cliff Slaughter and the late Monty Johnstone, all of whom have generated traffic. We also have CWI split Sri Lanka – could anyone elaborate? Not to mention Stickies Saddam Garland.

To our podium:

In third place, claymation video for Better Off Dead. Nice to see someone appreciates old John Cusack movies.

In second place, Dreh’ dich nicht um, schau, schau, der Kommissar geht um. Nice to see someone appreciates the late great Falco.

Our winner this week is the rude reader who was searching for Gail Walker is an idiot. I offer that gratis to Gail for use in her campaign against bad manners.

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