Nesbitt for the Tardis?


It’s nice to see Amanda “Lethal Assets” Brunker back on the box, though not so nice that I would be tempted to actually sit down and watch Charity You’re A Star! But what I’m much more concerned with is the story circulating about Amanda’s former squeeze and favourite of the tabloid gossip columns, the ubiquitous James Nesbitt.

In yesterday’s Telegraph I noted an article based on persistent rumours that Nesbitt is being lined up to replace David Tennant in Doctor Who. I actually find this a much more disturbing prospect than Eoghan Harris being appointed to the Seanad.

This isn’t so much a case of allergy to Nesbitt himself, who I’ve liked in a number of roles. It’s more a case of horses for courses, and probably has to do with a stylistic tic of Russell T Davies’ revival of the old show. Although I love David Tennant – he was irresistible in Casanova – I have become increasingly annoyed by the level of shouting and eye-rolling in Doctor Who. As Russell T tics go, it’s even more prevalent than the corridor chase. So, while I know Nesbitt is capable of subtle acting, I fear that appointment as the Doctor will mean non-stop mugging. And Who is OTT enough already without that.

I’m happy enough to see Tennant continue indefinitely, although possibly BBC bosses should have a word with Russell T about pruning back the tics. But, if we must have a new Doctor, I’m a great supporter of thinking outside the box and having a female Doctor. If nothing else, it would annoy the nerds no end.

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  1. Fotherington said,

    August 7, 2007 at 6:15 pm

    Yes, I was disturbed too… I’ve no objection to Nesbitt (I thought he was decent in the Bloody Sunday movie) but he’s just wrong, wrong, wrong for the Doc. I know there have been older Docs before, but Nesbitt is just too ‘randy middle-aged bloke’. The time is probably right for a female, or indeed non-white, Doctor, just as long as it didn’t blatantly smack of tokenism…

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