Search of the week


It hasn’t been a vintage week for searches, although I’m intrigued by the qualifiers put next to people’s names. Ian Birchall socialist makes sense, as does Monty Panesar Englishness; whoever is looking for Sarah Beeny leather jacket is obviously more fashion-conscious than myself, and as for the reader who put in Suranne Jones fucks – well, I’m not sure that’s my business. And while we’re on pervs, the reader looking for 3rd place winner biggest boobs might be better advised to go to the Sunday Sport for that information.

After that, Feminism and neconservatism in Ireland lifts the spirits a little, and another honourable mention goes to English television gay cornershop – is that relating to a sitcom I don’t remember?

In third place, a reader asks, Why are people from Donegal really republican? Maybe it’s something in the water.

Our runner-up is Village People Danny Boy video. Yes, that’s Can’t Stop the Music, at one hour seven minutes, where you can hear the late Glenn M Hughes, the original Leatherman, sing the folk classic.

And this week’s winner is the reader who asks, Who wears safari suits nowadays? I direct you to flamboyant Australian entertainer Bob Downe, who is often thusly attired.

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