Gail Walker Watch


God knows, this blog doesn’t set itself very lofty ambitions, but it is my fond hope that, by turning a spotlight on our cosy local media, we can at least try to decrease the level of sheer offensive stupidity inflicted on the public. I don’t know if Gail Walker reads this feature, but over the last few weeks she hasn’t been nearly as bad as usual. I probably can’t claim any credit, but it must be doing my dentistry no end of good.

Anyway, Gail’s main topic this week is equal pay. It’s not a bad treatment at all, although she does tend to indulge a bit in the menaren’tchasickofem knockabout that leads me to suspect that Gail’s calling in life is really to be a panellist on Loose Women.

We also have the phenomenon highlighted on this week’s Panorama of kids beating other kids up and posting footage thereof on the internet, a logical progression of the “happy slapping” craze. I’m as happy as Gail to deplore this, but I do think she tends, along it must be said with most of the media, to a “shoot the messenger” approach. That is, loading responsibility onto the website hosts. I mean, let’s get real – if you’re one of these networking sites like Facebook and you have 30 million or however many subscribers, you would need a staff in the hundreds of thousands to impose pre-emptive censorship or to closely monitor everybody’s account. The most the hosts can do, I think, is to have clear guidelines and to respond promptly to complaints. No, the people responsible are this layer of feral kids, who come close to providing an argument for bringing back punishment beatings.

Finally, to mark Prince Andrew’s fiftieth birthday, we have a look at his partying lifestyle. I fear that this brings out Gail’s killjoy streak. Not only does she have a bee in her bonnet about schoolgirls wearing short skirts; not only does she gripe about Princes William and Harry falling out of nightclubs; apparently she doesn’t want older people to have any fun either.

Rud eile: Also from yesterday’s Tele, not a half bad piece by Barry White on the Acht Gaeilge. I don’t agree with Barry’s stance, but as always he’s very perceptive on the attitudes of the Middle Prod. That is, most Prods are indifferent rather than hostile to Gaelic, and actively embarrassed by Ulster Scots.

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