Search of the week


Time to do Search of the Week again, and it’s nice to see once again that Kevin Wingfield, the Sage of Ballymun, has someone out there looking for him. This won’t surprise anyone who has experienced Winger’s devastating charisma. Honourable mentions too go to Lembit Öpik chin – it is rather arresting – and Baudrillard Thomism, which has me scratching my head as I fail to see the connection.

There are a few searches this week in the form of questions. I like that. It makes you feel like you’re being asked for advice. So we have a reader who asks, Is there any more to be said about BICO? Yes there is, and you can find it on Cedar Lounge. Another reader plaintively asks, Who is Jim Gibney? Well, if the Provos were the Avengers, Gibney would be Jarvis. Finally, a reader asks, What size are Michelle Ryan’s boobs? The short answer is, I don’t know. You may be better directing your question to the 3am Girls.

To our podium:

In third place, Oliver Kamm talking bollocks. Admittedly, that doesn’t narrow down your search very much.

In second, Ségolène Royal logical positivism. Again, the connection escapes me.

And our winner this week is the trenchant Eamonn McCann wanker. Tut tut, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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