Gail Walker Watch


We’re going to be nice in the Watch this week, as Gail has had a sudden attack of form. We have a reasonable point about blood and gore pre-watershed in Casualty (I suggest Gail tunes in to Cosmetic Surgery Live next time it’s on) and another reasonable point about advertising and female body image (now let’s have a piece on female columnists and female body image). There’s also a bit of a rant about the lack of manners in today’s society, which I would largely agree with if in slightly less prissy terms – though perhaps disputing her contention that the incidence of effing and blinding today can be blamed on 1980s “alternative” comedians. I sense behind that a desire to blame Ben Elton for bad language – did Gail never see a Bernard Manning or Jim Davidson routine?

Much better than that, we come to the case of James Nesbitt, ubiquitous TV actor, tabloid bad boy and former paramour of Amanda “Lethal Assets” Brunker. Nesbitt has got into hot water for comparing Larne to Vietnam, and Gail supplies the obvious punchline that the comparison isn’t very flattering to Vietnam. Indeed it isn’t – Vietnam has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, while Larne is nearly derelict, not least because it’s full of mad loyalists. Gail also upbraids local MP Sammy the Streaker, who had been quick to take offence on behalf of a town he doesn’t live in, and urges Sammy to get himself a sense of humour. I can only add to that that the only humour Sammy might pick up in Larne is gallows humour – remember that popular beat combo Therapy? come from Larne, which may explain why they’re so dour.

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