The mad month starts swinging


We are of course currently approaching the peak of the marching season, or “Orangefest” as it’s being rebranded these days. Under Norn Iron’s localised version of multiculturalism we’re all supposed to value the Twelfth, but it still fills this scribe with dread.

However, there are some attempts being made to make the marching season a little more palatable. Not to the fenians, mind, but to the Prods who have stayed away in droves in recent years. The News Letter, I note, has launched a children’s art competition. Little Protestant kids are being invited to send in their designs for Orange banners.

Meanwhile, a reader emails me to say that his estate is having a “Family Fun Day” centered around the Eleventh Night bonfire. There will apparently be children’s face painting at 9pm. This will lighten the mood before the burning of the Pope at midnight and the drunken brawling at 1am. There might even be a bouncy castle.

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  1. Ciarán said,

    July 7, 2007 at 7:19 pm

    Has any unionist politician come out yet to make a statement on the attack on Niall Ferrin? I wonder how many sectarian and sexual assault victims there’ll be by the time it’s over this year?

    This is certainly the most wonderful time of the year though. Just tell them not to put the bouncy castle too close to the bonfire; only the drunken kids are meant to fall into the flames.

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