Gail Walker Watch


This week, Gail is interesting mainly in context. Of her two main pieces, one is on the Concert for Diana, which I didn’t watch and so can’t comment on. But I do notice quite a nice tribute to Princes William and Harry. Yes, the same William and Harry who got such a slagging from Gail a fortnight ago. It is I suppose progress that she gets through her column this week without bringing up William’s hairline.

Gail’s other major subject is the Spice Girls reunion, which likewise I don’t care about. This juxtaposition won’t show up on the online Telegraph, but it fairly jumps out at you from the physical paper. On page 11, Gail slags off the Spice Girls. On page 12, there is a full-page tribute to the Spice Girls, with a selection of talking heads on the theme of “What the Spices meant to me”. Let a thousand flowers bloom etc.

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