Harperson’s triumph


Another short post, as I don’t have much to chip in as regards El Gordo’s Albanian election, or the election of Harriet Harperson as deputy. I know that Harriet has gained a lot of support for striking poses on Trident and Iraq, and I also know that these can’t be taken at all seriously. She’ll be voting for Trident with both hands before you know it. Andy’s comments on this are well worth reading.

It’s heartening, though, that Cruddas did so well, and probably a good thing he didn’t win. Yes, of course Cruddas isn’t an ideological leftist, though I expect a huge chunk of his vote came from the left. He’s more interesting than that, and rather more interesting than McDonnell, who is a decent bloke but didn’t say much that he hasn’t been saying for 25 years, and didn’t appeal much to people outside the existing left. Cruddas is interesting not only in his background as a Blairite apparatchik, but in how he changed after going to Dagenham. He seems to have got the shock of his life in realising how decayed Labour was at the grassroots, and also, as a man who takes his anti-fascism seriously, from the challenge of the BNP in Dagenham. As a result of this he showed a lot more insight than most people on the left, and I’ll watch his future actions with interest.

It also puts a little smile on my face to see our beautifully groomed but seemingly not very popular proconsul not coming anywhere near the pace. This despite having little to do here, even less to do in his other non-job as viceroy of Wales, and therefore having had plenty of time on his hands to promote himself. Maybe it’s time for Peter to get the blazer off the hook and follow his real calling to be a Wimbledon umpire.

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  1. charliemarks said,

    June 30, 2007 at 10:05 pm

    The nervous energy of Cruddas is what marked him out from the other contenders. ‘Tis a shame he lost… though he later turned down a govt job, apparently. Better outside pissing in, i suppose…

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