Gail Walker Watch


Not a terribly interesting column this week, as Ulster’s answer to Amanda Platell eschews politics and saucy schoolgirls in favour of celebrity culture. This may allow Gail to indulge her Glenda Slagg streak, but it doesn’t give you much to get your teeth into.

The lead segment is on Katie from The Apprentice, or the “kiss-and-tell tart” as Gail would have it. Gail has hit on the insight that “it’s not a masterclass in entrepreneurial skills – it’s just another reality TV show”, for which she should get full marks. Gail also makes a few valid if rather commonplace comments about the modern cult of celebrity, but you can tell her heart isn’t really in it. What she’s really interested in is Katie’s singular hairdo and her alleged sexual prowess, as revealed in the Sunday tabloids.

Some stuff on the Titanic. Yawn. Junk mail. Big yawn. Then Gail really revs up with the “vile one-legged monster” Heather Mills McCartney, her ineffable husband Sir Paul, and a disability joke so obvious even Russell Brand might groan at it.

There is also a snippet about a rather obscure feud between Jordan and Kerry Katona. I assume anybody interested in this has already got their copy of Heat, and its inclusion in the Telegraph has me scratching my head. The only interpretation I can place on this is that, as well as having a bee in her bonnet about teenagers in short skirts and blonde bimbos, Gail also has it in for women with big boobs. To each her own, I suppose.

Rud eile: Just wanted to say, before it finishes, how much I’ve been enjoying the latest season of The Folks On The Hill – if you haven’t seen it, go straight to the BBCNI website. Apart from Papa Doc, Grizzly and the rest, it’s always nice to see new characters, and I’ve especially enjoyed the show’s take on Gerry Kelly. Now there’s a man who should really talk to Scorsese if the political career doesn’t work out. But next time around, I really wish they would do Sammy Wilson. A lot of these DUP characters are a real gift for the parodist.

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  1. Ciarán said,

    June 13, 2007 at 8:51 pm

    On the Titanic, the Belfast T-Shirt Company has recently began producing very popular shirts that state on them: “The Titanic. It sailed. It sank. Get over it.”

    If only people would follow this advice.

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