Shilpa Shetty zindabad!

I had been avoiding writing anything about Celebrity Big Brother, but I couldn’t resist glamming up the Sunrise with a brief note about the gorgeous desi rani’s deserved victory. Deserved not only due to reaction against the racist bullying, but generally because of Shilpa’s grace under pressure, ready humour and of course that fabulous Mumbaiyya accent.

A good night all around, with the three foreigners and the gay Welshman coming out tops. Jermaine “Yoda” Jackson, with his serene disposition and his Zen koan dialogue, was an absolutely great contestant – and for once I think Davina was onto something, the Jermaine Jackson Little Book of Calm surely can’t be far off. And it’s always nice to see H from Steps on the telly – if there’s any justice, this chirpy little fellow will get plenty of work out of the experience.

And an honourable bronze placing for my hero Dirk Benedict, who won over the audience with his bone-dry wit. I’m pleased to see his autobiography Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy racing up the Amazon bestseller listings. If you haven’t read this extraordinary book, I strongly urge you to go out and procure a copy right now.

For more on the class aspects of the Jade fiasco, this excellent post by SouthpawPunch is well worth your time.

And no, this is not today’s main post. The Provos will get a good kicking later.

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